Hello everyone and welcome to the official website of The Rob Cameron Show.  We are all set to go live on June 29.  And we cannot wait to interact with you. If you have a comment or thought on something you hear on the show, in the news, or just on your mind, we want to hear from you.  Our purpose on the RCS is to help you to become the most intelligent person you know.  Let’s learn and grow together, starting this weekend with our special guests, Bob Dotson, the legendary former NBC News Correspondent who hosted “Bob Dotson’s American Story for 40 years on the Today Show, and Dr. George Van Cleave, who will talk to us about the first Constitution of the United States…and, oh, by the way, it’s not the one we have now.  Plus we will be doing Independence Day Trivia with my good friends, Meghan Chun and Dave Brewer.  Join us and share with your friends!

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