The Rob Cameron Christmas Show

Featuring the great, great, great grand-daughter of Charles Dickens!

That’s right, we are joined in this episode by Lucinda Dickens Hawksley as we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the “A Christmas Carol”. Plus, hear a rare broadcast of “A Christmas Carol” from 1939, adapted, directed and narrated by Orson Welles and starring the legendary Lionel Barrymore as Ebenezer Scrooge. And, of course, lots of Christmas Music.

The Rob Cameron Show–1968 Retrospect: 50 Years Later

Join Rob for this very special episode that looks back on that dynamic, heart-pounding year that changed the landscape of American politics and culture. Rob is joined by Mark Kurlansky, author of the epic book, “1968: The Year that Rocked the World”.  Featuring clips that highlight the news stories, movies, music and popular television shows of that year, this 2 hour special will be one that you will want to listen to again and again. 

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 15

On this episode the Rob Cameron Show hits the jackpot! We welcome a 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner and a genuine hero. First, Rob visits with John Archibald, columnist from the Alabama Media Group, which includes several fine newspapers including the Birmingham News. John was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for News Commentary for a wide variety of columns he wrote in 2017 that dealt with political corruption, women’s rights and hypocrisy. You will not want to miss this conversation! Then Rob welcomes Dave Sanderson, a passenger on US Airways Flight 1549, which made an emergency landing in the Hudson River back in January of 2009. His heroic efforts in helping his fellow passengers evacuate the airplane contributed to what we now know as the “Miracle on the Hudson”.

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 14

On this episode, Rob is joined by Dr. Harry Adelson, an expert in using Stem Cell replacement to treat chronic pain and suffering. Also, Rob visits with Rahn Anthoni, a rising star in R&B and Hip Hop music, whose personal journey of faith and courage has led to a life of service for special needs kids. Plus, Rob shares his thoughts about the current crop of political ads…and his excitement about the upcoming College Basketball Season. Listen and become the most intelligent person you know!

The Rob Cameron Show-Episode 13

On this episode, Rob visits with Michael Cavenaugh, who won the coveted role of the Singer/Piano Player in the original cast of Billy Joel’s blockbuster Broadway Musical, Movin’Out. Plus, Rob, Dave and Meghan reminisce about their favorite Halloween Trick or Treat memories and talk about Halloween movies that made them scream.

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 12

Are you a Beatles fan? Of course you are! Then you will not want to miss this edition of the Rob Cameron Show. We have the world’s leading authority on the Beatles (according to, Mark Lewisohn, who has written volumes about the Beatles, including his current work on a trilogy of books about the Fab Four. We will talk about the origins of the Beatles and how they grew up to become “The Beatles” on our podcast this week. Also, we will feature the Beatles Magical Mystery Trivia Contest. Be sure to tell your friends!

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 11

This week Rob engages in an intriguing conversation with economics historian Julia Ott, Associate Professor from The New School in New York City. Rob and Julia discuss whether or not the American Free Market Economy is truly open to participation by all Americans of all cultures and backgrounds and what we might need to do create more opportunities for everyone. It is a challenging topic that demands an open mind…and a discussion you will not want to miss. In this episode, Rob also welcomes John Lanza, the creative force behind “The Money Mammals”, a delightful and educational program designed to teach kids in pre-school and early grade school the principles of how to spend, save and share their money. Plus, as usual, Rob sits down for a “Cup of Coffee” with his friends, Dave Brewer and Meghan Chun.

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 10

This week, Rob welcomes Kory Stamper, author of “Word by Word, The Secret Life of Dictionaries”, as we discuss the magic of words and and all of those funny little things that happen to words once they hit the dictionary. Kory, who is a former editor for Merriam-Webster, also talks about how defining the word “marriage” brought her thousands of indignant e-mails. Rob also spends some time with the new Hip Hop sensation, NovaCain, who in addition to launching a dynamic solo music career, is heavily involved in building what he refers to “the culture of blindness”. NovaCain shares his own story of going blind as a late teenager, and how those struggles shaped his life. You will see why this incredible young man was Rob’s choice for the first “Leaning into Meaning” segment on the Rob Cameron Show.

The Rob Cameron Show—Episode 9

Be sure to join Rob for a very special edition of the Rob Cameron Show as we celebrate the 100th birthday of that incredible classical and theatrical musical genius, Leonard Bernstein. LB, as he was known to friends and family, spent his entire life teaching the world about the joys of music (of all kinds), and he left us a legacy of unparalleled classic compositions, including one of the heavyweights of the Broadway Theater, “West Side Story”. As we celebrate the life of this true American icon, Rob welcome Jamie Bernstein, the Maestro’s daughter and author of “Famous Father Girl”, which chronicles the story of Leonard Bernstein as both a very public cultural institution and as a family man, full of life, love…and a multitude of complexities. Also, Rob is joined by Tim Smith, the fine Classical Music Writer of the Baltimore Sun, who will discuss Leonard Bernstein the conductor and composer.

The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 8

Join Rob this week for a discussion with Tom Santopietro, author of the just released book, “Why to Kill a Mockingbird Matters: What Harper Lee’s Book and the Iconic American Film Mean to Us Today”. Rob and Tom explore the fascinating story of Nelle Harper Lee and her road to creating the Pulitzer Prize winning book and the classic motion picture, starring Gregory Peck in his Academy Award Winning role of Atticus Finch. Also, Rob visits with Erica Mandy, anchor of the daily news program, The Newsworthy. Plus, Rob sits down for a cup of coffee with Dave Brewer and Meghan Chun (and almost forgets that he is supposed to pay for the coffee this week!).