The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 10

This week, Rob welcomes Kory Stamper, author of “Word by Word, The Secret Life of Dictionaries”, as we discuss the magic of words and and all of those funny little things that happen to words once they hit the dictionary. Kory, who is a former editor for Merriam-Webster, also talks about how defining the word “marriage” brought her thousands of indignant e-mails. Rob also spends some time with the new Hip Hop sensation, NovaCain, who in addition to launching a dynamic solo music career, is heavily involved in building what he refers to “the culture of blindness”. NovaCain shares his own story of going blind as a late teenager, and how those struggles shaped his life. You will see why this incredible young man was Rob’s choice for the first “Leaning into Meaning” segment on the Rob Cameron Show.

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