The Rob Cameron Show—Episode 9

Be sure to join Rob for a very special edition of the Rob Cameron Show as we celebrate the 100th birthday of that incredible classical and theatrical musical genius, Leonard Bernstein. LB, as he was known to friends and family, spent his entire life teaching the world about the joys of music (of all kinds), and he left us a legacy of unparalleled classic compositions, including one of the heavyweights of the Broadway Theater, “West Side Story”. As we celebrate the life of this true American icon, Rob welcome Jamie Bernstein, the Maestro’s daughter and author of “Famous Father Girl”, which chronicles the story of Leonard Bernstein as both a very public cultural institution and as a family man, full of life, love…and a multitude of complexities. Also, Rob is joined by Tim Smith, the fine Classical Music Writer of the Baltimore Sun, who will discuss Leonard Bernstein the conductor and composer.

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