The Rob Cameron Show–Episode 2

In this episode, Rob talks with Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Glenn Frankel about his book, High Noon: The Story of the Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic. Rob and Glenn discuss the making of the classic western tale from 1952 starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly and how the movie became intertwined with the scary events of the early 50’s, including the Hollywood Blacklist, the Red Scare and what many consider to be the oppressive work of the Congressional House on Un-American Activities Committee. The result is an incredible tale of intrigue, career sabotage and undeniable courage. Rob also talks with consumer mortgage expert Sean Stockell, who has developed a new online tool that will be an invaluable help to you if you are interested in buying, selling or remodeling your home. And of course, Rob’s friends, Dave Brewer and Meghan Chun drop in for a lively discussion. Plus, Rob comments on how the governor of the State of Missouri “got lost”.

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