The Rob Cameron Show Premiere Episode

Welcome to the Rob Cameron Show. We are so happy and honored that you have chosen to download our program. This is a podcast that returns to the traditional “talk show” format…where we ask questions and dig deeper and our guests provide the answers and opinions. We will try very hard not to pontificate nor rant or rave about a political view or a specific agenda…some of our guests might, but that is not our job. We have one job here on the Rob Cameron Show…to help you to become the most intelligent person you know. That is our guiding principle…and you will here us say that over and over and over again so that we do not forget it.

My pledge to you is that we will endeavor to never waste your time. We won’t be having guests that talk about the best way to bathe your dog or your baby, we will have guests that will make you think and decide and learn and grow. Our guests will be Pulitzer Prize winners, people who have had life-changing experiences, people who have passion about arts and entertainment, theater, music of all kinds and socio-political and cultural issues. Sometimes our guests will present history lessons, sometimes they will talk about the state of education in the United States and sometimes they will talk about very personal journeys for themselves or those that they have chronicled.

So, why do we care about becoming intelligent people? Because intelligence and insight make us better people. We believe that the opportunity of becoming more and more intelligent is God’s gift to us. It increases the quality of life…and the fun of life—and just makes us more “whole” human beings. We invite you to join us on this journey of growing and learning to become the “most intelligent person you know”.

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